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  • FOR ALL CUSTOMIZED ITEMS              Please note that you have 24 hours to rescind an order after it has been completed/ordered. After that time, under no circumstances will the order be refunded.
  •  All customized items (including the towel short with the addition of after market patches and (arranged embroidery) can not be used again. So be sure that when placing a customized order that you review your order and attempt to contact the company within the allotted time period for confirmation of all parts of a customized order and for any possible alternative actions. 
  • Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. This is not hidden fine print; So please be fully aware of this policy.

  • For what we call "standard" (NON-CUSTOMIZED) returns of unworn and unused items will be accepted 21 days from receipt of your order. In other words, from the day the order was purchased.

  • It is our goal for your to be 100% satisfied with ALL Reggie CRU items.